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Thank you, Your Excellency, for your hospitality.  At the past few events
I've been to, I've seen a trend of branch pavilions being set up for the
populace of those groups to come together.  I think this is a very positive
idea, and will be of great benefit for our barony.  We often get involved in
our individual pursuits, and we break away to spend time with our good
friends from other branches, that I think having a baronial pavilion at
events will not only increase Stargate's visibility, but will also lend
strength to unifying us as a populace again.  I will lend whatever
truck-space and labor I have to help continue having a baronial pavilion at

And a little addition to Baroness Simone's news, Sir Godwin, made it to the
finals in the Steppes Warlord tournament!  He fought against Duke Aaron and
Jarl Hrafn in a round-robin final round, but in the end Jarl Hrafn won the
In service,

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 9:08 AM, Cynthia Whitford
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> First off - let me say THANK YOU! to Sir Godwin and HL Alden for hauling
> the baronial pavilion to site Friday and getting it set up!  It was
> wonderful to have the shady spot right by the list field to hang out in and
> visit all weekend.
> Now for some highlights:
> Sir Godwin and Alden fought in the Warlord list, as did our Chiv Champion
> John of Severn. Baron Robert did lots of pickup fights.  I was lucky enough
> to sponsor a young man named Victor in the Youth Chiv tournament.  He wore
> his black and white favor proudly all weekend *and* he wants to be a rapier
> fighter when he's old enough!  I also got to watch Roger, our Archery
> Champion, shoot in the Steppes Archer contest, and visit with him a bit.
>  Sir Karl and Mistress Kasilda had one of their pavilions set up down at the
> range so archers and spectators would be able to get out of the sun.
>  Baroness Hillary entered the beautiful scroll she did for our Investiture
> invitation into the A&S competition, and worked on award insignia in the
> Hall.  We also got to visit with HL Mia before she moves out of Kingdom to
> open up the Stargate branch of Ansteorra in Trimaris ;-)
> Saturday evening after Court I was lucky enough to help with the drumming
> for the Middle Eastern dance contest and hafla.  Robert played lifeguard for
> the Porto pool party for a while.  We didn't make it over to the bardic
> competition to listen to Alden compete.  Obviously we missed some awesome
> stuff because he went on to win the Steppes Bard title!
> Sir Godwin and Lord Collwyn entered the rapier champion list on Sunday
> morning and did quite well! Robert got to be the dreaded bye.  HL Brenna and
> I brushed up on our shopping warpoint skilz ;-)  Don Simone checked on me
> throughout the weekend to make sure I was doing ok, but spent most of his
> time doing his "other" job (protecting Our Queen!)
> And last but not least - Thank You (again) to Sir Godwin, Alden, and
> Collwyn for helping to break down the baronial pavilion Sunday afternoon,
> making sure it fit back into the box and bag it came out of, and getting it
> tetris'd into the back of our truck for the trip home!
> well, that's all I can remember for now.  If anybody wants to add to the
> wordfame and memories, please do!  We look forward to reading your words
> about our wonderful populace!
> best regards,
> Simone - Baroness
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