[Stargate] Minutes from Populace

Chris Lowder ray_sorian87 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 15:28:22 PST 2011

Any errors are my own, please forgive.

Minutes from populace:
Word Fame:
Duchess Ebergardis elevation to The Order of the Pelican at
Don Corvin Fenarro, Queen's Champion to Her Majesty Amelot
Lady Isolde die Waeyer, golden star of Ansteorra
Orin Ketilsson, golden star of Ansteorra
Award Recognition needed before Yule
Important dates:
Autumn Melees (BAM) Nov. 17 – 20
Soup Kitchen will be setup at BAM under Stargate pavilion
near lyst field, if you have any questions, contact Ihon & Isabeau.  Current list of soups are: Chicken Noodle
soup, Cowboy soup, Lentel soup, Chicken Stew, 13 Bean soup, and Pasta Fajole.
Also, there will be Brownies, Chocochip bars or cookies, Cornbread, French
Bread, Hot drinks, and Gatorade.
Stargate will be camping together and we need a head count
so we can make sure we have enough space, bring your banners to help people
find camping spot at BAM. 
There is a planned shared meal at the Stargate camp, we need
to know if you would like to help cook notify by Nov. 10th, we also
need to know how many people will be eating at the shared camp meals by Nov. 14th so cooks can know how much to bring. Donations are appreciated. 
Hafla; Beginner’s drumming will be taught on Thursday, this
is for people who have thought of trying. Friday Night, there will be a drum
circle. Saturday is the hafla, and a possible dance competition. 
Yule Dec. 3 Spots open for help
Currently we have 2 confirmed classes; Charter Painting and European
Courtly Dancing. If you would like to teach a class at Yule, please contact the
Event Steward. On Friday, the site will be open for setup. There is a possible
coordinator’s meeting on Nov. 27th, please follow the Stargate
Facebook page and email list. Feast will be: Brochette, Pesto Spaghetti with
bread, Grilled pork loin, carrots with lemon glaze, broccoli fantasia, and Pear
Leofwine is now Exchequer, budgets and receipts needed
before end of Dec.
Anne’s warrant for Chronicler’s office is renewed, but if
you would like to be Chronicler, please get with current Anne Barrington
Historian: Photos and artifacts needed for Yule display
Herald’s office: 2 names registered and approved
Hospitaler: Please be nice to newcomers so that we don’t
lose someone that could join SCA.
Arts and science: Arts in the park at fighter practice.
Knight Marshal: BAM is coming up, War of Ages is coming up. Yule,
There will be a challenge tourney, toy is the price to enter, Dukes 3 toys,
knights 2, everyone else 1. You can buy back in with more toys. Armor Inspection
by 9, fighting will begin around 10. People watching the tourney can sponsor a
fighter when said fighters run out of toys. Winner of the tourney will receive
all tickets from all toys given in tourney. Fighter practice time will not
change 10 am.
Rapier: Good turnout at Queen’s championship, 12 Stargaters.
Society level marshal may change rules on appearance, no
visible logos. 
Web minister: Update officer’s page, contact info needed.
Yule page is now up and will be updated as info is given.
Guilds: Madrigal and Bardic may start up if enough interest.
Woodworking: Nothing planned, but willing to help on any projects. Mid-eastern
dance and drum: BAM. BUDGETS needed Nov 12!

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