[Stargate] Classes at Stargate Yule

Hywel Penbras hywelpenbras at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 19:34:00 PST 2011

Classes planned for Stargate Yule
1. Charter painting by Mistress Hillary. (begins around 11 or so)
Ever wanted to learn caligraphy? Ever wanted to help make those really jazzy looking scrolls given at court? Want to fantasize "Your name here" on any of those scrolls? Well, your chance is now. Come to Stargate Yule and help participate in the charter and scroll painting class. 
2. Medieval Gardening by Mistress Annes. (begins around 1pm or so)
Planning and Building a Medieval Garden by Mst. Annes Clotilde von Bamburg 
Do you enjoy gardening or wish you could? Ever wonder what was planted in period in the kitchen gardens of the villages, manors and castles? How would you like to learn how you *can* garden medievally whether you are in a house, condo or apartment? Come and chat at my class "Planning and Building a Medieval Garden". Bring a notebook and something to write with, as we will be sketching out our personal gardens and planning. December is a great time to plan. January for acquiring what you need. February for starting seedlings and March for planting. You can garden no matter what space you have. 

3. Courtly Dancing by Ld Thomas atte Woode. (begins around 2pm or so)How do you feel about all these nifty looking people performing those intricate looking court dances during the evening revelry? Ever wanted to be one of thes ladies who graced the floor, looking as if they were floating by? Ever wanted to be that one guy secure enough in his manhood to dance with the ladies whose boyfriends were less secure in their manhood? Well, floatin ladies and secure men, your time is now. Thomas atte Woode will be teaching a medieval dance class at 2pm, during Stargate Yule. Graduation ceremoney will be during the evening revelry. Ladies and Secure men need only apply. 


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