[Stargate] Youth Combat at Fall Brawl

Germanicus de Atlan ldgermanicus at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 4 07:42:19 PDT 2011

To all of our Kingdom Youth Combat fighters, parents and especially Marshals, good morning! For those travelling to Fall Brawl, great news for all of our Youth Combat warriors!  We will have a FULL day of action for all,with Squirrel Ball (thank you Baroness Amalia!), "Robin Hood and Little John" (the log fight), and the dreaded...Rubber Duckie Tourney!   This looks to be a lot of fun, and the long-term weather report says Fall is on the way for that weekend, so pack up your armor, boffer weapons and a roll of "duck" tape (for the rubber ducks, of course) and come join us at this event! Please contact me with any questions regarding Youth Combat, and see the website at http://www.ninja-code.net/fallbrawl/ for the scheduleand map. 		 	   		  

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