[Stargate] Final Camp Meal Plan/Shower Reminder

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 8 08:39:55 PST 2012

Greetings all,
If you are going to GW, and participating in the Stargate meal/shower plan, I 
just wanted to remind folks of a few things:

1.  If you can, please bring 1 gallon of water per person with you to add to our 
drinking supply.  In the past, we have encountered shortages of jugs of water in 
Hattiesburg.  Everyone bringing a little helps, and doesn't take up as much 
cargo space as it would for one (or a few) to bring multiple gallons.

2.  The breakfast cooks are not responsible for making coffee.  If you are a 
coffee drinker and need your morning fix, please plan accordingly.  Hot water 
will be available.  If we have elecricity in camp, there is a coffee maker in 
the kitchen supplies that can be used, and two dispensing thermoses will be 
available for coffee and hot water.

3.  I will be taking money for food/shower on site.  It is $5 per meal per 
person (1/2 price for 5 and under children) and $5 for the shower for the week.  
There are a maximum of 11 meals.  (NO: breakfast Sunday, dinner Wednesday, or 
dinner Saturday).  I prefer cash, so I can reimburse the cooks on site.

4.  There are still several slots open for volunteers to help the cooks, meal 
clean-up, common area clean-up, and trash removal.  I will keep the sign-up list 
in the kitchen.  Please sign up to help when you get a chance.

5.  Pending the addition of a second water pump (for cold supply), the shower 
should be as easy to operate as the one in your house.  If anyone has any 
questions or concerns about the shower, please bring them to me so I can address 
them.  Please use your best judgement when it comes to your safety or the 
shower's structural integrity.  There will be two steps to get onto the trailer 
with no hand rail, so take care getting up and down with bundles in your hands.  

I hope everyone has a safe trip to war and thank you all for your support in 
making Stargate a fantastic camping group!


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