[Steppes] Fall Court Cancellation

Kellie Hardy khemail at swbell.net
Thu Oct 24 12:01:48 PDT 2002

Greetings unto the People,
We are disappointed that Fall Court will not happen this weekend, but we
are in full agreement with the Stewards that cancelling the event is the
best course of action.   With the weather forecast as foreboding as it
is, it is logical to assume that attendance would be minimal.  Not to
mention the possibility of flooding, and general misery sitting under
soggy pavilions in the rain and mud at a primitive site.  Since Fall
Court is designed as a relaxing weekend for the barony and friends, and
not on the official calendar, and since minimal money has been spent on
preparations, we are satisfied that Clare and Liadan have taken a
judicious action, and saved  the event staff plenty of labor and
heartache.  The site owner, while disappointed not to be able to host
us, has agreed not to charge a cancellation fee, so the Barony is not
looking at any significant financial loss.
Our thanks to Clare, Liadan, Jon, and all the folks who committed their
time and energy preparing for Fall Court.   We will look forward to a
fun event next year, and will use this weekend to enjoy our homes,
families, and prepare for the next adventure!   See you all tonight at

Fritz and Catrin

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