[Steppes] BIG OOPS Re: Warlord Event Stewards

gjmoore1@airmail.net gjmoore1 at airmail.net
Thu Oct 24 15:02:18 PDT 2002

YIKES! I am soooooooo embarrassed (hides under her desk).

  My apologies to the list, to the Barony, to the Known World,
to the Universe-in-General, and to Elspeth on particular,
for the previous errant replies to her message on this list.
I hope I didn't offend anyone.

  See? THIS is why I don't like posting to any list; I am not
net-savvy enough to keep from making an utter fool of myself.
I hadn't even touched a computer until I was...erm, nevermind!
*SIGH*  My first post re: Warlord XXX here and the
Malicious Ditz Bunny of Internet America attacks me.

   So, to reiterate, I would LOVE to get info and suggestions
and questions from the Barony about Warlord hall event
organization, but please contact me at: gjmoore1 at airmail.net
(NOT info@"yada.yada"). I REALLY don't want my boss
to know about this. He has an evil snicker and would never
let me live it down. Argh!

In service (with egg on her face),

a/k/a Jean-Who-Is-Signing-Up-For-Internet-Classes-Today

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