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Spence Mabry Spence.Mabry at radioshack.com
Tue Dec 3 04:54:51 PST 2002

But the printed copy you handed out last night at Elfsea Business Moot says
the deadline date is 1/31/2003.  I confused?


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Subject: [Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Pre-Registration
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Good Gentles,

     War is upon us.  Its rythum can be felt in our veins and its battle
cries can be heard on the wind.  But lo- within that wind there is another
cry that rises above all...its message ringing clear and
true..."Pre-Register...Pre-Register...Pre-Register". Harken unto the call
and fill out the form :)

    And for your lovely convience you can find the form here:

then click on "Pre-Reservation"

or if you prefer log onto:

click on "Preparation"
then click on "Forms Page"
Then scroll down and click on "Pre-reservation"
and voila *poof* there is the form.

     Make sure to fill the form out completely and mail it in ASAP, all
reservations must be post marked no later than 1/1/03.  A form must be
filled out for EACH INDIVIDUAL (meaning one form per person folks).
     What I need from you is an email sent to mysticfalcon at onebox.com
telling me that you have pre-registered, in this email be sure to include:
                           SCA Name
                         Mundane Name
                         Date Arriving
                         Size of Tent
                       Group Camping with

I will be using this info to keep you updated.  I will be posting weekly the
updated pre-registered list and any changes there of.  I am here to help and
to encourage you!!!  If you have any questions or need additional
information please contact me.  I can be reached at:

Mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Wk (817)416-9770 ext 4369
Hm (817)281-4290 (no calls after 10pm please)

In Service,
Lady Honour Du Bois
"listen to the wind...Pre-register...Pre-register....Pre-register"

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