[Steppes] SCA at Scarborough Faire

Steve Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Tue Dec 3 12:09:37 PST 2002

My apologies for all the cross postings. I thought that this had gone out to
every group in the region.


With the approval of the Kingdom Hospitaler I have been in contact with the
General Manager of Scarborough Faire with the intent of having an SCA
presence at the faire.
The current GM has worked previously at TRF and would very much like to have
the SCA at the faire.

He has been made aware that at one time there has been some problems between
the SCA and Scarborough. He does wish a run of Faire commitment, but for
weekends such as Memorial Day weekend where there is a major SCA event, he
has said that having a minimal presence, a few people to answer questions,
hand out flyers, etc. would be more than acceptable.

The dates of the Faire for the 2003 season are starting April 12th running
every weekend through June 1st 2003. The hours of the Faire are from 10:00am
to 7:00pm rain or shine.
If we do participate in this year's Faire and would like to be included in
their souvenir program, they would need to know by the middle of December,
if not by the first of January

During the rest of the run of the faire he would like as much of a living
history type of presentation as possible, i.e. fighting, ongoing A&S
presentations, displays, and of course people to talk and answer questions.
Initially the SCA would have to use pavilions as our base of operations. He
has stated that there would be the possibility of acquiring a building for
our use sometime in the future. To that end he has stated that anyone who
wished to could work at the various games run by the faire so as to raise
funds so that there could be a compound for our use similar to what the SCA
has at TRF.

I have been in contact with Lady Annalies Pferdehirt, the Deputy Liason for
the SCA Demo at TRF, and received information on what they do, and how they
handle things at that location.
I would like to get any comments, questions, etc from all interested in this

I realize that this is asking a lot on very short notice, and with the
holidays and Gulf Wars planning coming up that there is not much time.
Please think over this idea, and send me any comments, concerns, etc and I
will do my best to get anwers to everything that I can.
Thank you.

Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc
Central Regional Hospitaler
Kingdom of Ansteorra
steverourke @ charter.net

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