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Apologies for hopping into this so late....

I don't know about antler, but I DO know that this was a trick we used to do
with the wish bones of chickens and turkeys back home. Soak it in vinegar,
and it turned into "rubber", which we thought was hysterical. Especially
since we did the wishbone tradition, where two people take either branch of
the breast or "wish bone" of the fowl, make a wish, count to three and pull.
The person who gets the largest chunk of the bone gets their wish. A vinegar
soaked wish bone won't break.


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I was in a class at Pennsic this year with HL Mikel Ironhawk- one of his
samples was just that- (but soaked, not boiled) in vinegar for a loooong
time, then it gets stiff again as it dries- his was bent into a complete
loop, but I think the reverse would apply- clamp it straight and let it
dry out again...

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