[Steppes] Kind of neat (mundane)

Elaine Crittenden letebts at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 18 07:19:53 PDT 2003

Former flight student's advice:

Don't wear your best shirt when you solo.
Why? Where I took flying lessons (Cessna 172--does that tell you how long
ago?), they grabbed you after you landed *successfully and safely* from your
solo, snipped off your shirttail, and posted it on the hangar wall with the
date and your name! ;-D

One of my cousins had this pasted to his panel:

"There are old pilots and there are bold pilots;
there are no old, bold pilots!"  ;-)

Good flying!



>From: David Ruff <dmruff1 at yahoo.com>

> Anyways, thought i would share.
Thanks! We've been missing you.

>Soon instead of
> driving to events i may just fly to them hehehe.

Any chance for hitchhikers? Hehehe, yourself. ;-)
And....you are now looking for a country home with a hangar instead of a
garage, like ranchers in Montana?  (More giggles)

> Ulrich of Carolingia

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