[Steppes] Populace Friday, July 20th - Pool Party, Barbecue

Brent Ryder borekvv at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 20 13:03:14 PDT 2004

Ummmm.... Date issue here - Pop was scheduled for 7/22 and is now going to 
be on Friday 7/23

Today is the 20th ;)


>We will be having populace this Friday at our house. We decided to move it 
>Friday so people could stay later and we could have a little fun. (And 
>before anyone asks, I am aware it says Thursday in the Steppes Letter and 
>on the website.)
>We have a nice, cool pool, so feel free to bring a swimsuit. It is deep (4 
>feet in the shallow area, 10 feet in the deep area), so make sure your 
>children have flotation devices if they are not strong swimmers.
>We have seating for approximately 24 individuals inside. Outside, we only 
>have seating for 13. So you might want to bring a chair.
>We're going to have a potluck barbecue. We're grilling hamburgers and 
>hotdogs (all beef). Bring food if you like (it's not required). As far as 
>beverages are concerned, we'll have water, tea, coke, dr. pepper, sprite. 
>If you want adult beverages, you are more than welcome to bring your own.
>* * * D I R E C T I O N S * * *
>We live at 2801 Hunters Creek Drive, in Plano.
>Our house is on the south edge of Plano, about a mile away from Coit Rd and 
>the George Bush Turnpike.
>From 75:
>Take your best route to 75/ Central. Follow Central into Plano.
>Exit President George Bush Turnpike West.
>Merge immediately into the right lane to exit Custer Road. (1st exit - you 
>don't need any toll money)
>Follow the access road through the first stoplight (Custer Road).
>Get in the right lane.
>The next stoplight is Waterview/ Independence Parkway - turn right onto 
>Follow Independence through the first stoplight (Plano Parkway).
>Get in the right lane.
>Before the next stoplight, turn right onto Hunter's Creek. I believe it is 
>the 7th right turn as you drive North on Independence. You'll pass 
>Glencliff, then Biscayne, then something else, then Biscayne again, and 
>then it is Hunter's Creek. After you turn right on Hunter's Creek, our 
>house in on the left side of the road. We have 4 trees in the front yard - 
>2 that are very large and 2 that are good-sized. We'll put a banner out in 
>the front yard.
>If you need other, personalized directions, e-mail me privately please.
>For a map, you can go to http://dancemaster.org/map.html
>We look forward to seeing all of you,
>Guillaume & Isabeau
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