[Steppes] Fall Court/Demo

Kaneki no Ryuto Akimitsu sokkaiya23 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 21:08:45 PDT 2004

And as it may be that the women here in Ansteorra may be a force, Empresses in
Nihon were also present and then placed out of power by the more suited men. 
Men should be on the throne while the women take the shadows and conduct 'low
war'.  No woman should ever be gifted by a male not related to her.

This will not go unremembered, for the memory of this night shall reside in us
all for many years.  Remeber, the things brought from our home was myriad,
along with books and records.  We shall see if her line matches.  We shall see.

Humbly and in service,
Kaneki no Ryuto Akimitsu


Come hither, my lads, with your tankards of ale,
And drink to the present before it shall fail;
Pile each on your platter a mountain of beef,
For 'tis eating and drinking that bring us relief:
  So fill up your glass,
  For life will soon pass;
When you're dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass!
- "The Tomb"  H. P. Lovecraft


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