[Steppes] Setup and Teardown for 12th Night

Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 7 10:39:48 PST 2006

Greetings all!  I'm your happy molition and demolition-o-crat.  Which is to say, I'm the Steppes Setup and Teardown coordinator.  And I want YOU!  I need as many firm commitments as  can get for as much time as people have to give this wonderful Barony on Friday for setup at Sokol Hall.  We have some fantastic decorations being designed but they don't put themselves up.  We'll have the stage to arrange, decorations to put up, tables and chairs to arrange....lots of work.  There is no way we can have "too many" people out there helping on Friday.  If we have more people than we need, all that happens is we get done earlier!  And believe me, every person who does show up for setup would LOVE getting out of there before the 10 pm time we MUST be done by.
So, I'm asking, begging and cajoling... I'll bribe, browbeat or threaten as necessary, and all I'll promise is that we'll try to not fold, spindle or mutilate you in the process.  Please drop me a missive to let me know you can help with setup.  We'll need a smaller crew for truck load, and the date of truck load hasn't been yet determined.  We may do that Thursday night, we may do it Friday.
For teardown, I'd ALSO like firm commitments from folks.  Teardown will commence pretty well 2 minutes after the end of court on Saturday night.  And then we'll need another small crew for truck un-load on Sunday.
So, any help at all for any and all phases would be greatly appreciated, but the most important is setup.  We want our Barony to SHINE as the holiday jewel of Ansteorra.  Travelers come from far and wide for Steppes 12th Night.  In fact, I know we'll have foreign nobles in attendance.  So please contact me off-list, and I'll put your name down on the list.  Closer to the holiday season I'll be contacting people directly if I don't have enough names...I figure asking for help during the holiday season puts a little added pressure.  :)
I'm so looking forward to 12th Night, and with the help of many, it will go very smoothly!
Yours in Service,
Sir Morgan Buchanan

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