[Steppes] Steppes Fighter Practice 12-17-2006

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Mon Dec 18 19:24:35 PST 2006


Humid has become the watch word of the Day
Spring seem to be the in the air
Yet the King Winter still waits his coronation
To start his time
To mark the days until that of Princess of Spring
To arrive upon the scene
Trees are highlighted not in Green
But by their stark limbs
Yet some remain clothed with that of leafs
Promise of Cold and Wet are there
With a of Winter in a Mix in the wings

The day was righteous and upright
Time best spent outside - truckin' toward
Armor and that of Rattan
Instruction provide by Sir Morgan and Lord Hosey
While a Demo involving Combat Archery
Issued by invitation of those who frequent the park
To the lone Combat Archer in attendance
Result - new individuals ask and receive information

Currently - there will be a practice next Sunday per
Lord Hrafn - Steppes Knight Marshal.
Some will have family and travel plans to deal with
not to mention that last minute shopping. What could be
better method of dealing with the stress of holiday shopping?
- come out, get together and have a few laughs, put on
armor and swing a little rattan!

Please start drinking extra water several days prior to the day
of practice.
This is also true of going to an event, be it SCA related or not.
You will have a better time and enjoy yourself more
if you are hydrate before you start your activity.

Energy drinks may give you a lift, but will not carry you as far,
when compared to water and gatorade.

Remember - Pace yourself!

Everyone needs to bring water to the park. I would recommend
the following:

Please bring at least 1 gallon or more of water and gatorade
to replenish your energy levels if you are in armor and fighting.
Suggested of items you might wish to bring out:
- cold pickles
- oranges - energy bars - etc...
- Bring Chairs for you to sit upon.
- Sunscreen, a bright sun with some wind and...
- Hats
- This time of year - blankets

Training involves separate levels of heavy fighting -
Basic level to "Good"
Man-At-Arms and/or Squire entry level
Centurion level
Tournament level
Combat Archery

People in armor:  7
Children: 3
Total in attendance:  14

In attendance this day:
Clan Ross:
Sir Morgan Buchanan (KSCA - Knight in SCA)
                           - Central Region Knight Marshal
      and his lady, Lady Ciannait Chaimbuel
Lord Hrafn Olafsson (Squire to Sir Duncan) - Steppes Knight Marshal
    and his lady,
        Lady Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa
           (Apprentice to Duchess Larissa) -
             Steppes Equestrian Marshall

Lord Cionaodh O'Hosey
     with children
         daughter - Tori
         and son - Jon
         and son - Nikko
HL Honour du Bois - Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
Lord Michael Kettering


    and his lady, Annwn
Thomas (MD)

Weapons used this day:
Rattan Spear
Fiber spear

Shields used this day:

Combat Archery:
  1 Recure

Individual fights witness this day:
Lord Hosey with buckler and sword
     vs Thomas (Fray) with round and sword
Thomas (Fray) with round and sword
     vs Sir Morgan with buckler and sword
Thomas (MD) with heater and sword
     vs Lord Hosey with buckler and sword
Sir Morgan with round and sword
     vs Lord Hrafn with round and sword
Lord Hrafn with round and sword
     vs Sir Morgan with buckler and sword
Sir Morgan with rattan spear
     vs Lord Hrafn with fiber spear
Thomas (Fray) with round and sword
     vs Thomas (MD) with heater and sword

 Lord Michael Kettering
  Combat Archer for the Condottieri
  King's Archer
  Steppes Deputy Knight Marshal
  Steppes Deputy Hospitaler

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