[Steppes] An old friend

alkudsi at aol.com alkudsi at aol.com
Mon Oct 12 14:31:47 PDT 2009

If you are new to the Barony, you can just ignore this...go ahead, and hit Delete.

However, if you've been around for a good long while, you might remember Hon. Lady Margaret, who was one of the most spectacular card weavers I've ever seen -- until Mistress Hanna came around! She dropped out of the SCA quite a few years ago for personal reasons, and rather dropped out of sight, as well. I ran into her yesterday (see NEXT post where), and found out that she is leaving the area. She is moving home to San Francisco to be with her mother, who is getting up there in years. If you are interested, I have an email address where she can be reached. She sounded just a bit forlorn at leaving, and I know from a couple of things she said that she misses the SCA. Drop me a line if you'd like her email address!

HL Saqra

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