[Tempio] move

rachel luce rachel_luce1975 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 5 08:54:54 PDT 2003

         This is a little late but better late than
never! I want to thank everyone who helped me move.
Believe me, guys, that was quite a chore because the
people from the shire had to come 2 hours out of their
way to do so. Cliff, thank you for letting Paul nadI
borrow your trailer.D&D, thank you for lending me the
use of your truck and for lending a hand on Sunday
when we unpacked. Walt, thank you for bringing your
truck and hauling a trailer,lugging stuff onto and off
of the trailers . Tressa, thank you for packing the
kitchen while I went wacky and thank you for being so
funny. Alden, my ferret, what can I say? Thank you for
 spending your birthday weekend helping me move. That
was exceptionally generous of you. James you were
supremely nifty and I'm really happy that you were
able to come(insert lewd comment here.) Thanks

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