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Donna Jordan rowanna at hot.rr.com
Thu Sep 4 20:45:17 PDT 2003

Please let me relieve the minds of everyone in the Shire.
I contacted Darcy, seneschal of Middleford approx. 2 weeks ago in
response to an inquiry she had made.  
So everyone will understand how this came about.  Several of our members
have been getting together and going as a group to the Pub in mundane
life.  They made friends with the owner and he asked if they would like
to come out some evening in garb, for fun and to add to the atmosphere
of the Pub.  No law against it, they went had a great time and generated
a lot of inquiries from the other patrons.
This excited the owner and he asked if they would come back and would we
consider doing a demo, also we were invited to leave our information
flyers within the Pub.  Apparently several different organizations leave
literature there.   The owner had to make inquiries with the Mall
management concerning the demo and we had asked if other local shire
groups could leave flyers also.  There was a lot of talk but no concrete
information to pass along at that time.
I explained all of this to Darcy, and tried to reassure her that we were
not deliberately recruiting in their zip code area.  I know that the
members who have been going out to the Pub have told the owner about the
Shire of Middleford and have informed anyone who asked that there is a
local group in Killeen.  Keep in mind that all of this occurred in a
little over 2 week period.
When I received solid information back with a requested demo date, I
sent an email to all the local seneschals with full details and asking
all of them to join us.  The Irish Dragoon Pub is a nice place, with
live entertainment on Friday & Saturday nights and it is my
understanding that the owner has even offered to let any of the local
singing or musical bards come out and perform. 
I have passed on all of this information.  
I hope this clears everyone's mind.  
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