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I have a necklace and bracelet that can be given as part of the prizes,
where ever needed.  
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     Okay guys here's the information I promised to get to you. I
apologize for the post being late. Keep in mind that we don't have much
time left before the event so don't hesitate to volunteer. If you think
you aren't cut out to do something odds are that you are wrong. Most
people are much more flexible and talented than they give themselves
credit for. These types of events can be very fun you just have to give
yourself a chance. :D I hate to mention it in this this post but with
the event coming up next populace I'll need time as your treasurer to
....(ick) teach a gate class. However I'll be using the same "hands on"
approach that Perronelle used when I took the gate class at Red Tape in
January. Rowanna will this be a problem? Is next populace scheduled
    I'll be gone Thursday evening through sunday afternoon., I'm going
to be at North Sea Raids. If anyone has any questions about the event
you can either e-mail me and wait for a response or contact one of the
other peeps on the event committee, Thom or Tressa. Renee will be at Sea
Winds 20th celebration if I remember correctly, so I don't think she'll
be available to answer questions until Sunday.  If you call the
feastocrat to ask about hate event please be aware that the words -I'm
volunteering to help with feast. What can I do?-need to be in the
conversation somewhere.  Seriously guys, Draven has put together a
wonderful menu (see end of post) but she can't make it happen all by
    The event also needs prizes. Do you have something nifty that you
think would make a great prize. Great! Thank you. Do you prefer to buy
items and donate them as prizes? Great! You can come shopping with me.
By the way, this doesn't have to be expensive either. I walked into
Hobby Lobby the other day and purchased two small ceramic tabletop oil
lamps for $2/each.  I caught them on sale for 2/3 off. The best part of
this is that they're reasonably period-ish. Can you make neat stuff?
Great!  Stretch your legs and make neat stuff for the event.  And here
is a list of contests for which we need prizes: Hero of the Temple,
Provost of the Temple, Artisan, Archery, Knife/ Axe/Spear, Quest winner,

     Over the six weeks we'll also do some quest practice sessions as
well as go over how to take part in a quest and I'm sure Thom has a
honey-do list for the ambiance. 
    I know I'm forgetting something....
Quest Characters (9-5 sat)

Prester John: Thomas of Tensby

Prester John's emissary


Gravelly Sea Caretaker


Caravan Master: B. Theodoric


Provisions master

Provisions assistant

The  Sage: Don Alden

Khan's daughter

Bandit Captain

Bandit male (optional)
Bandit female (optional)
Sultan's Health Inspector
Peddler of odd wares: Lady Mom
Proprietor of a brothel- How about it Rowanna? >:-) C'mon, all the cool
seneschals are doing it. Everyone, can't you see this? White Wolf's
caravan  has been attacked by vicious bandits. Wulfgar has been carried
off to god -knows- where...Instead of caving in to fate Rowanna very
practically assess the needs of hate town she finds herself in and
starts a brothel staffed with two camels. She's waiting for the day when
she'll have enough men to find Wulfgar and make those bandits pay.
Although at that point she'll need new camels because the ones she's got
now are getting tired... No trial is to GREAT or camel to small to
rescue Lord Wulgar.  Madame' Rowanna and her queens of the desert sand
will be there.  P.S. queens are not cheap be prepared to pay.
Brothel "Employee"

Staff Positions

Head Gate, Archery Marshall, M. of C., Field Herald (2), Field
Marshall(s), Feast Servers
Gate shifts for the event Tracy is in charge of finding a head gate and
staffing the gate shifts.Anybody 
Yummy feast menu: Aysh Shami, Tahina, honeyed fruits,nuts; Cinnamon wine
soup,Libum; Lily beef stew, cakes with spice infused oils; Baklava and
honeyed fruits, soft cheese; Flavored ices between each course to
cleanse the palate. Very decadent.  Draven  count me in for any of the
pre-cooking requirements, Rowanna

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