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Lady Liadain ingen Brignagh ladyliadainib at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 18:31:06 PST 2004

Okay everyone, here is the final lowdown on the demo. At this point, even if George WANTED fighting, with this weather he could not have it, conditions too dangerous to ask the fighters to go out in. Please come wearing your finest garb, we REALLY need the people who took the dance class to be there, or if you know Hole in the Wall, PLEASE be there.  George has invested a lot of personal interest in us as well as being supportive of our group in many small ways. Middleford will be there as well though in  what quantity and capacity we are not sure. No matter WHAT happens, please please please please, play nice.  Bring anything arts and sciences you can. Hands on stuff that you can do with people is wonderful. I will be doing a presentation on the history of the holiday and running a rent a bard table for donations. If you would like to help, please to let me know. There will be mall crawling in garb. Be prepared to let the moment take you and be spontaneous, but no touching.  If you
 want to kiss a lady's hand, ask first. We want sweet compliments and courtly behaviour.  Bardic types, please bring romantic, or valentine's type pieces to perform. We need singers.  I will also have lyrics to some pieces with me.  Please lets make this a wonderful demo for George and for ourselves. Please, let's not let Middleford show us up in attendance. They are our guests at this demo, lets treat them as such.  Alden and Rolanda, you are still doing the dance class, yes?  If you get this tonight or tomorrow morning, if you could please fire off an email to me? Let me know if you are coming and what doing?  I will check right before I leave and if we get there before you we will make sure we have room for your project/display/etc.
This should be lots of fun!!!!!!  Please come out and support your local Shire!!
In Service to the Dreams of Many,
Lady Liadain inghean Brignagh

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