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Tressa tressa at vvm.com
Fri Feb 13 19:25:44 PST 2004

Walt and I will dance, if we can remember the steps, and I will bring some 
of my poetry and will also do embroidery.


At 06:31 PM 2/13/04 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay everyone, here is the final lowdown on the demo. At this point, even 
>if George WANTED fighting, with this weather he could not have it, 
>conditions too dangerous to ask the fighters to go out in. Please come 
>wearing your finest garb, we REALLY need the people who took the dance 
>class to be there, or if you know Hole in the Wall, PLEASE be 
>there.  George has invested a lot of personal interest in us as well as 
>being supportive of our group in many small ways. Middleford will be there 
>as well though in  what quantity and capacity we are not sure. No matter 
>WHAT happens, please please please please, play nice.  Bring anything arts 
>and sciences you can. Hands on stuff that you can do with people is 
>wonderful. I will be doing a presentation on the history of the holiday 
>and running a rent a bard table for donations. If you would like to help, 
>please to let me know. There will be mall crawling in garb. Be prepared to 
>let the moment take you and be spontaneo! us, but no touching.  If you 
>want to kiss a lady's hand, ask first. We want sweet compliments and 
>courtly behaviour.  Bardic types, please bring romantic, or valentine's 
>type pieces to perform. We need singers.  I will also have lyrics to some 
>pieces with me.  Please lets make this a wonderful demo for George and for 
>ourselves. Please, let's not let Middleford show us up in attendance. They 
>are our guests at this demo, lets treat them as such.  Alden and Rolanda, 
>you are still doing the dance class, yes?  If you get this tonight or 
>tomorrow morning, if you could please fire off an email to me? Let me know 
>if you are coming and what doing?  I will check right before I leave and 
>if we get there before you we will make sure we have room for your 
>This should be lots of fun!!!!!!  Please come out and support your local 
>In Service to the Dreams of Many,
>Lady Liadain inghean Brignagh
>"Love is not love that alters when it alterations finds,
>or bends with the remover to remove"
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