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Sorry, you missed the humor due to not knowing the history.  I created the Tempio Doomsday List years and years ago (1985).  It was originated as a way to contact the members to say time to go to work--the next event is coming up and we have work to do.  Since a calling from the list usually resulted in hammers, saws, painting, cooking, sewing, etc; thus resulting in blood, sweat, tears, arguments, and great times--it was titled the Tempio Doomsday List.  The name has continued on to present day.  Karen Van De Iris 
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  *sigh*...Karen, Karen, Karen.

  The term is *Domesday*, *NOT* "Doomsday."
  Named after the Domesday Book ("Boke"), commissioned by William the Conquerer in 1085, as a means of estimating land, population, and to calculate taxes in England (sometimes called the first national census.)

  (Remember us, the history folks?)

  (back from California, and grumpy)
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    It is the end of the year and once again, the Tempio Doomsday List needs to be updated.  Please send me your SCA name, legal name, address, phone number, birthday (month and day), and if you do not want any of the above info published for Shire members.  Please respond to gemhem at hot.rr.com .  Thanks in advance for the updated information.  Also, if you know of a member who is not on the list, please forward this request to them.  
    Karen Van De Iris (Karen Renker)


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