[Tempio] Yule Revel

Randy Wrinkle wrinkle at tex1.net
Thu Jan 20 10:30:14 PST 2005

Greetings everyone!  

I received an email from Ms. Renker stating,

"the populace of Tempio (not just me) voiced the desire not to have a meeting at the Yule Revel"

I am quoting directly from the email as to not cause any confusion.

First, please let me explain that we were not planning on having a populace meeting.  Randall and I have some answers to the questions some of you asked us to ask.  We wanted to gather socially for 5 minutes to tell you those answers.  The answers are positive and are not negative in any manner.  We would never jeopardize the enjoyment of the day with bad news.  

We did not wish to post the answers on the list b/c I really didn't feel like having to address 50 different emails regarding the same question, and not everyone is on the list.  We thought it would be nice to share the information with you personally and then if anyone wants to stay and chat with us, they are most welcome.  No one would be forced to attend the gathering....it will be your choice.

We could have another joint meeting, but unfortunately, it would have to wait until after Gulf War.  

Please understand that we had no intention of upseting the Shire by forcing a meeting on you.  We would have never forced anyone to gather with us informally.  

We were simply excited about some of the news and wanted to share it with you briefly.

Given that I was told by Ms. Renker that the populace of Tempio does not want to do this....we will re-consider doing it.  

If you would please email me and let me know whether or not you want to hear the answers at the Yule Revel, I would appreciate it.

Please email me directly to my address so as not to cause a stir on the list.  

wrinkle at tex1.net

Looking forward to seeing all of you again,

Sir Randall der Krieger
Baroness Meghann der Krieger

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