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Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 15:03:30 PST 2005

There's been alot of suggestions always floating
The only festival that Temple has (correct me if I'm
wrong) is the Train Festival..but that doesn't stop us
from having demos in other towns.  Our borders go all
the way up to Waco, west to past Rosebud Lott and
south to salado, and Tir Medoin's go even further down
southwest way..I'm sure there's something somewhere
that if we put our heads together we can come up with
The gathering of the clans is in Salado in November
(usually coincides with 3 kings).  There were plans in
the works to do a demo with the Scott and white blood
bank.  and HL Theodora usually promotes a demo in
Clifton for the Norweigan Festival.

Just throwing ideas around...

--- Randy Wrinkle <wrinkle at tex1.net> wrote:

> Hey everyone....just wanted to let you know that
> Modius posted an "urge" to have 1 adult focused
> recruitment demo.
> I have the demo CD and it is really cool.  I would
> like us to get together and do a demo in
> Temple....somewhere highly visible.
> Anyone have suggestions....is the chamber doing
> anything "festivally" in the near future we can join
> in on?  
> Baroness Meghann
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