[Tir-Medoin] Gate List for Quest for the Round Table, October 12-14th.....

Celtic Viking celticviking3 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 19:22:51 PDT 2007

although i am not signing up on any particular timeslot, i will do which ever one needs doing. just let me know where you need me.

Tressa <tressarhiannon at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hi again everyone!

Being Head Gate this year, I'm posting the first installment of the gate sign up for the event. I know it's still 5 weeks away, but I thought I'd put it out there and start people thinking about it....it's been reiterated at Round Table that there must be TWO people on gate at all times, if there is a need for a potty break or something, I'm the person to sit in for you until you can get back. So don't be afraid to holler for me. The only other rule for gate is that parents/siblings/spouses/ can't sit a gate together. Please pay attention to the times, as we decided to do things a tad different this year. 

Friday the 12th:

6pm to 8pm: 

Money person _______________________________________

Paper person ________________________________________

8pm to 10 pm:

Money person ________________________________________

Paper person _________________________________________

10pm to 12pm:

Money person _________________________________________

Paper person __________________________________________

Saturday the 13th:

7am to 9am:

Money person _________________________________________

Paper person __________________________________________

9am to 11am:

Money person _________________________________________

Paper person __________________________________________

11 am to 1pm:

Money person __________________________________________

Paper person ___________________________________________

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