[Tir-Medoin] Need new date for event

Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 22:23:13 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

We can't have the event on June 3-5, 2011.  Firstly, the Wrinkles (Meghann's the 
event steward) and Anna are going to be going to Europe.  Secondly, the dates 
for our site have already been reserved by another party.

So, it looks like we are going to need to decide on another date for the event.
Kenneth, I think we probably should have this on the agenda for next populace.  
Then, when we decide on another date, I can rush to reserve it.

In my opinion, June was going to be too hot anyway.  Maybe this is Fate deciding 
for us.

Thanks everyone,


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