[Tir-Medoin] Crisis in the Gulf!

Randy Wrinkle rnkwrinkle at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 6 09:15:21 PST 2011

Here is a snippet of the email sent to us from GW Land-o-crat:


We are expecting a great war for 20th year for sure. =)  You need 20 prereservations to hold your land.  The initial 20 is simply a number to assure your using your lands and is required as a minimum to attain permanent status only.  The war is growing more and more each year and as that happens land is shrinking.  The groups with a larger foot print are going to be expected to fill their lands at least 3/4 of the way each year to avoid shrinkage.

Land allotments are, and has always been, based on your pre-war numbers, not your actual numbers at war.  To this end many groups are being put on notice to have your folks pre-reg this year to make sure the land is used to its fullest extent.  On a simple note, a weekend only reservation will hold your spot all week long and counts to your numbers. (We at the land office do not use day arriving, only that your coming to war) 


Please help us out and pre-register to avoid this problem.  I especially need you to pre-register if you were one of the families that agreed to do so.  You only have until February 15.  

As I said before, "weekend" registration counts toward our numbers for those of you who are financially struggling.  

Please do this asap and then send me confirmation #'s so that I can have proof if there is a dispute.  Send those to me privately please!

Thanks!  Meghann

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