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Unto all Ansteorran Charter Painters does Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick,
Star Signet, send


I would like to briefly discuss charter painting, paper, and scribal
contacts in the Kingdom.  First, and most importantly,  thank you very
much, O wondrous painters, for all the support you have given in the
past to our fair Kingdom!  I am very proud of Anstoerra's painters and
appreciate your dedication and hard work!!  Please keep up the
researching, painting, and promoting of this fun art and service!

Second, I need to talk about some of the charters we have received
lately.  Our Kingdom charters are run off on very specific paper, using
top level toner,  to help insure quality for the painting and
calligraphy that needs to end up on said paper.  Not all paper can
receive paint and ink very well, and herein lies a slight problem we are
having.  Out of good intentions we have some gentles who are running off
their own charters, painting them, and turning them in.  Unfortunately,
the paper quality and toner quality are not of the standards we use, and
so we have some beautiful charters being turned in with flaking toner
and / or paper that feathers / bleeds with the calligraphy ink!  So
after all that work being done, created with the best of intentions, it
is heartbreaking that these charters can't be used!

Another problem we are having is from painters forgetting to put a cover
sheet, towel, or cloth underneath any skin that touches the charter as
they paint.  Your hand, forearm, whatever - the natural oil we all have
in our skin will be absorbed by the paper, something you'll not even
notice happening.  The scribe filling in the awards will notice it,
though, when trying to write in that oiled area - the pen will usually
slide right over that area, and the ink will not be absorbed as fully as
it should, or even at all, in some cases.  Depending on the paper being
used -- as in a nice gentle trying to use  his/her own paper, etc., to
create blank charters to paint -- the paper may also feather / bleed the
ink, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.  So not only then is the
scribe trying to work with a charter that has oil patches that make the
pen slide off from creating the letter trying to be written, he or she
might also end up trying to control the feathering of the ink on the
very next letter!

So please, fellow painters, get your blank charters from your Regional
Scribe, the Sable Scroll, or from myself, Star Signet.  Many times, too,
you will find that your local charter painting group has extra charters
to hand out - great! Get charters from them, too! The head of the group
has either received the paper / charter from the people responsible for
handing out the charters, or has special permission from me to run them

Now to list the addresses of the people to contact for blank charters:

Sable Scroll

Sir Alrek Kanin
(Cameron Lewis)
6320  S. Robinson Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK    73139
(405) 634 - 6476
(He will be posting his new e-mail next week.)

Northern Regional Scribe

Mistress Anastacia Marie Travarra
(Sandra Goodrich)
301 E. Boyd
Norman, OK 73069

Central Regional Scribe

HL Giuliana Firidolfi
(Jean Moore)
2311 Homeway Circle
Dallas, TX  75228
gjmoore1 at

Coastal Regional Scribe

HL Cynthia Braithwaite
(Cynthia Padget)
15711 Longvale Drive
Houston, Tx  77059-5229
(281) 486 - 7064

Southern Regional Scribe

Melisenda de Barcelona
(Sherri Ruiz)
Rt. 5 Box 5739 - C
Belton, TX  76656
(254) 939 - 5196

Western Regional Scribe -- This position may be changing over soon.

Jonathon Christian Clark
(Jonathon Clark)
3422 68th Drive
Lubbock, TX  79413 - 6122

Star Signet

Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
(Lee Lemons)
1910 Westmead #3301
Houston, TX  77077
(281) 493 - 1080
lalemons at

Any updates to the names and addresses above will appear via the
Ansteorran list and the Black Star (look in the back under each
Region).  When possible, hopefully the chroniclers from our various
groups will be able to help out and also post this information.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for being just who you are,
Ansteorran charter painters!


Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
Star Signet
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