WR - Bonwicke Fun Event

Ron Brooks bjorn at odsy.net
Sun Aug 1 21:18:40 PDT 1999


Well, we had a pretty good turn out for the Bonwicke Fun Event. We had
folks from Trelac,  Blacklake, Rat's Castle :-), Adlersruhe and even one
from Bjornsborg. I would like to thank all of them for coming to the

The Heavy  Tourney was won by HL Gustav, the Light Tourney was won by
the Multi -talented
Scourge of the Highlands, Mongo the Magnificent.

The cooking contest was a tie, between Lady Kyla de Eastbourne newly to
Adlersruhe and Her Excellency Anastasiya Fedorovna.

There were many people whose help made the event run quite smoothly,
much more so than I had hoped it would. I would like to thank Lady
Revekka, Lady Aerin,  Baroness Anastasiya, Lady Safiye, HL Katerine, HL
Torfenger, Lady Britta, Lady Magdelina, Lord Rufus, and Lord Toshiro.

. I would like to give a special thanks for Baron Sinclair, Baroness
Evelyn, Lord Godfrey and Lady Kyleena for the
help with clean up afterwards.

There was one gentle who is deserving of special mention for their
helpfulness to many folks throughout the day, I saw it myself and his
actions were mentioned to me by several people,
a hardy Vivat to Ogdun McNab.

To anyone who I have forgotten to mention, my apologies, I thank you one
and all for a successful event, it would not have been possible without
each and every one of you.

Bjorn Lochlannac

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