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Tue Aug 3 08:49:48 PDT 1999

>Subject:SCA anti-defamation league: call for articles>From: Cynthia Virtue
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>Date: Sun, 25 July 1999 12:00 PM EDT
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>Hi Rialto,
>Once or twice a year, someone speaks on the Rialto of non-SCA folks who
>think we are a cult, or an anti-gov militia, or bad neighbors, or
>whatever.  Every so often I bend the ear of whichever Board member seems
>most interested at the time, and ask "does the Corp office keep track of
>good newspaper articles, etc, about us?" and the answer has regularly
>been 'no' because they don't have enough time/money/interest.
>I now have a little time on my hands, and am volunteering to start as
>large a file as is needed of good (or bad) articles by third parties
>about the SCA.  I will, once I have a few collected, be willing to
>photocopy said articles for people who are having trouble with their
>neighbors, involved with legal proceedings that falsely use the SCA as
>some sort of bugaboo, or need overwhelming evidence about the SCA's
>good-neighbor status in order to get a campground or park.
>Printed articles are ideal, especially if the date and the newspaper's
>identification is left attached to the clipping.  Photocopies of
>articles are fine.  Videotapes of news segments or feature stories are
>fine.  Thank-you notes from schools or parks for demos or a site 'left
>better than we found it' are also fine.  Electronic/email/html copies
>are ok if no other copy is available.  Articles of this sort from as far
>back as you have them are eligible.
>If you have such an item to send, drop me a note at the following address:
>    sca-clippings at thibault.org
>and I will send you my snailmail address.
>Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might find it
>If there is someone out there doing this also, please drop me a note.
>In service,
>Cynthia du Pre Argent
>If no1 is interested-sorry for wasting your time
>Lady Emmalie the Faire
>From:  Katerra63 at aol.com
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