WR - Gothic War VIII

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Wed Aug 4 10:17:38 PDT 1999

     Greetings West Ansteorra!!
  Gothic is on the horizon, and I have had many say they can't wait to
come play with us!  Both light and heavy fighters are looking to get in
some good fighting that weekend, artisans want to come and display,
bards to regal us with stories and songs.....this will be our weekend to
shine and welcome our cousins to our special corner of our good kingdom!
Lets see you all there!!!

   As such, I need items for the treasure chest. Hand-fashioned items
would be preferrable; we have a lot of talent we can showcase, but any
nice item will cerainly be greatly appreciated.  The chest will go to
the winning captain and his army. Contact me or Chiang if you want to
A huge' THANKS' all those who came forward and volunteered to coordinate
activities at Gothic...please be contacting me soon if you are in need
of prizes, certain supplies, etc....remember to send the web page
mistress any info on your activity!  Below is the list of coordinators;
contact them if you wish to help or have questions.

Heavy- HE Vallust Balstene
Light- Ld Toshiro Koi
Archery- HL Agnarr Thorvaldson
Herald- Ld Sigmund von Halberstadt
List Mistress- Ly Katerina von Halberstadt
A & S- Master Rosario Carboni
Bardic- Ld Timothy of Glastonbury
MoC- Ly Margaret of Bonwicke
Constable- Ld Uilleam Farquharson
Waterbearing- Ly Marlena la Monita & Ly            Ceridwyn Wilesford
Merchants- Ly Rosina Weber & Ld James Greybeard
Site Tokens- HLy Galiena Gruenstien
Gate Registration- Shire of Mendersham, but all help will be greatly
appreciated. Web page- Ly Rosina Weber     
   Thank you again, folks, for taking on these activities.
        Any further questions or requests, contact me or Chiang
(chiang at odsy.net)....let's welcome HE Regina back and see you ALL

                   Eleanor & Chiang

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