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Mon Aug 9 08:28:33 PDT 1999


What is the web address for the Gothic page,  I can't seem to find it.

Thank you,
Marquet de la Heyt
Cadet to Don Donovan

Connie Fielder wrote:

>      Greetings West Ansteorra!!
>   Gothic is on the horizon, and I have had many say they can't wait to
> come play with us!  Both light and heavy fighters are looking to get in
> some good fighting that weekend, artisans want to come and display,
> bards to regal us with stories and songs.....this will be our weekend to
> shine and welcome our cousins to our special corner of our good kingdom!
> Lets see you all there!!!
>    As such, I need items for the treasure chest. Hand-fashioned items
> would be preferrable; we have a lot of talent we can showcase, but any
> nice item will cerainly be greatly appreciated.  The chest will go to
> the winning captain and his army. Contact me or Chiang if you want to
> help.....
> A huge' THANKS' all those who came forward and volunteered to coordinate
> activities at Gothic...please be contacting me soon if you are in need
> of prizes, certain supplies, etc....remember to send the web page
> mistress any info on your activity!  Below is the list of coordinators;
> contact them if you wish to help or have questions.
> Heavy- HE Vallust Balstene
> Light- Ld Toshiro Koi
> Archery- HL Agnarr Thorvaldson
> Herald- Ld Sigmund von Halberstadt
> List Mistress- Ly Katerina von Halberstadt
> A & S- Master Rosario Carboni
> Bardic- Ld Timothy of Glastonbury
> MoC- Ly Margaret of Bonwicke
> Constable- Ld Uilleam Farquharson
> Waterbearing- Ly Marlena la Monita & Ly            Ceridwyn Wilesford
> Merchants- Ly Rosina Weber & Ld James Greybeard
> Site Tokens- HLy Galiena Gruenstien
> Gate Registration- Shire of Mendersham, but all help will be greatly
> appreciated. Web page- Ly Rosina Weber
>    Thank you again, folks, for taking on these activities.
>         Any further questions or requests, contact me or Chiang
> (chiang at odsy.net)....let's welcome HE Regina back and see you ALL
> there!!!!!!!
>                    Eleanor & Chiang
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