WR - Lord Welan's Play

Barbara G Haire knotwork at juno.com
Thu Aug 5 20:52:20 PDT 1999

WOW! I'd love to come, but I'm going to be headed for the Alexandrian
Symposium .  Any chance they will tape it?  Tell Lan congratulations for


On Thu, 5 Aug 1999 20:39:35 -0500 "Jacque" <ulrica at nwol.net> writes:
> Lord Welan McGregor, a friend to many of us, has a very exciting 
> thing coming up and I just wanted you to all know about it.  For 
> years Lan has been interested in, and researched, the murders 
> committed by Jack the Ripper.  After a great deal of research he has 
> written and is directing, producing, and acting in a play at the 
> Globe Theatre about the subject.  The Play is named, "The Baker 
> Street Boys."  It will only run for 4 nights starting the 18th.  We 
> plan to go and support him and would love it if anyone would like to 
> come in and join us:) Let me know and I will arrange for tickets!
> Ulrica/Jax

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