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Mara of Rede mara_of_rede at
Mon Aug 16 12:07:05 PDT 1999

Greetings! Apologies to all for taking so long to get
back to you about this; I do nothing quickly,
especially is it involves going to Walmart!
I now have costs for the gentles who requested
songbooks early, i.e. the ones that are already
I also have the cost of 3 90 minute tapes if you want
to send money instead of tapes.
To mail the books "Book Rate" costs $1.15. Tapes cost
me .75 each., or $2.25 total for the 3 that are
At this time I do not know how much it will cost to
mail the tapes.
So, if you would like me to mail you just the book,
please email me privately for my address so you can
send me $1.15 for postage. If you want tapes and book,
I need either 3 90 minute tapes or $2.25 so I can
purchase them, plus $1.15 if you want them mailed to
you, for a grand total of $3.40. You can safely assume
that if you mail me the tapes, it will cost me the
same as it cost you to mail them!
I am attempting to get the books copied for free, so I
will get back to you on that. I am taking the tapes to
my friend tomorrow to start making copies.
I will be at Elfsea Defender and Dragonsfire Tor Yule
Revel if you would like to save postage.
Just wanted everyone to know the status on this and
that I am working on it.

HL Mara of Rede

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