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Mon Feb 15 08:03:16 PST 1999

Just to throw my own ring into the hat, a regular march is a 120 steps per
minute rythm, counted by cadence. When the command of "Double Time, March"
is given, the step is then increased to 180 steps per minute, with the
formation keeping step and maintaining ranks. Triple time would not be a
valid command, for a rate of 240 steps per minute is a bit much to ask a
combatant to keep both step and the formation dressed. The use of a measured
double time is the most efficent way of moving a unit quickly; trained
soldiers are drilled to maintain both pace and formation at this speed, from
distances of 10 feet to 4 miles. Anything beyond that and coordination would
become difficult, if not impossible. I hope I have done my Drill Sergeant
proud by remembering all of this.

In Service
Padraig O'Duinn
Barony of the Steppes

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