WR - Misplaced Items (itty-bitty fighter practice)

Dennis J Dolan djdolan at juno.com
Sun Feb 21 08:31:02 PST 1999

A couple of things were left behind at my house, a really spiffy hat with
sunglasses (I like, Anna doesn't) a big travel cup, a flippy 1ltr bottle
( I'll refill on my next batch, ok Ulliam?) and a couple of bruises that
I will happily return, if I can remember who gave them to me, if I can't
remember, I'll just give them to Agnar, if I can remember, I'll still
give them to Agnar.

It was fun, next time tho, I will stop Anna from getting carried away in
the kitchen so that she has time to visit and enjoy the company, but, the
food certainly was good.

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