WR - Re: Clarify that post?

Michael and Tiffany Geisendorff crator at mail.swbell.net
Sun Feb 21 16:30:18 PST 1999

Dennis J Dolan wrote:

> <snipped all but the trouble>
>   Aaron thinks she, Katherine, not your wife,  is too
> >cute...
> >
> >U
> boy is Aaron in trouble with Anna now.
> doran

    Ummmm, did I miss something?  What did I get myself into without my
knowlegde this time?  I always miss the good stuff and get blamed for it later?
*rolling of the floor laughting*
 No seriously, would you mind forwarding the post in question to me, I have
completely missed this little snippet's, ummmm, point. Heh heh.


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