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gptaylor gtaylor at
Fri Oct 8 13:03:28 PDT 1999


I am sorry for the interruption, but general inquiries on Ansteorra-net
have not gotten any results...
At Bjornsborg's Fall Court last weekend, we held a raffle designed to
help us with our Big _ Tent replacement fund.

A person named Alison MacGregor won.

The problem...she wasn't there at the drawing.  And I don't remember who
she is.  And...Our Reeve didn't find her on the gate sign in sheets
(though she might have missed it...or had not have looked under real AND
SCA names...I don't know which this is).   So...we don't even know what
group she's in.

As a result, the prize remains unclaimed.

Does anybody know this person?

Isobel Hadleigh
Purplexed Raffle Steward (avoiding ruffling a few friends by calling
myself a raffle-o-crat..)
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