ANST-Announce - Stargate Yule Revel Feast Reservations

Suzanne Powell scpowell at
Sat Oct 9 09:40:11 PDT 1999

To all Good Gentles of Ansteorra does Lady Suzanne de la Ferte' send 

I urge you all to send in your reservations for Stargate's Yule Revel Feast. 
  The feast is limited to 125 this year (although we will be keeping a 
waiting list) and we already have 88 reservations.

The theme of the celebration is late 15th century Italian (Lorenzo Medici, 
himself, will be gracing our event) and in his honor the following feast 
will be served:

  Salat de Honesta Voluptate          Platina's Herb Salad

  Fava Menata                         Mediterranean Broad Bean Puree
  Oliva Nero                          Black Olives
  Pane                                Bread

  Polastri Pini E Boni                Herb Stuffed Chicken
  Agliata Bianca                      White Garlic Sauce
  Juvert                              Green Herb Sauce
  De Li Sparaci                       Asparagus with Shallots
  Funghi Altri Modi                   Grilled Mushrooms
                                        w/ Pancetta & Garlic

Quarto (Entremets):
  Torta Francescha Bona E Optima      Best French Pork Pie
  Potatge de Porriol                  Fried Onions
  Cauli Verde con Carne               Broccoli w/ Fennel

  Torta Bianca                        Cheesecake
  Fritelle de Pome per Quarisima      Apple Fritters

Issue de Table:
  Hypocras (mock)                     Hot Spiced Apple Cider
  Nucato                              Spiced Honey Nut Crunch

  Confetti                            Cardamom & Anise Seeds

I will be providing a free children's feast (6 and under) for those children 
with reservations:

     Oven-fried Chicken Tenders
     Tater Tots
     Christmas Cookies

Please come and join us!

-- Lady Suzanne

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