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Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Mon Oct 11 18:41:13 PDT 1999

Thomas Jenkins wrote:

> Anyway, let me know your preferences, and if there is anyone out there who
> can and would like to teach a class in light fighting, myself and several

Normally this is where I would jump in and say...I'll be there to teach the
class on rapier marshaling, and teach anyone intrested some rapier combat.
Sorry,   I can not say that at this time.  My wife (and I) is (are) having
another baby at the end of October, and I can't make any plans to attend
anything. Anyway we'll try to get something worked out so that we can spread the
art of rapier combat to you group

As for ordering things. I order my stuff from 1-800-fen cing.  You can get a
mask for about $50.00 be sure it's a three weapons mask, you can also order
Foils or about $9, and epees for about $20.    There are many sources for rapier
supplies, this is just the one I use.I would advice against ording foils and go
to the Epee.  98% of the rapier community uses Epee, you just don't see foils on
the field that much anymore.  If you need anymore help please feel free to
contact me privately and I'll do what I can.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Cadet to Don Donovan
Acting WR Rapier Marshal

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