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Sat, the 20th. won't have to hurry back because of work on monday. Curn;
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> Greetings unto one and all!
> I've spoken with Baron Vallust of Bonwicke about holding a Western Region
> War Practice here in Crossrode Keep (Big Spring), and we've come up with a
> date of November 20 or 21.
> The 20 falls on a Saturday, and of course the 21 on a Sunday.
> My question is which is more convenient for the fighters of the Western
> Region?
> We also have another reason for holding the practice: To get those folks
> interested in marshalling Youth Combat/Boffer authorized. Vallust, who is
> our regional officer in that department, will present a class (as only the
> Baron can... hehehe) to help everyone get acquainted with the rules and
> regulations so we can get the kids started.
> The practice would begin at 1 p.m., what with the shorter days really
> starting to kick everyone's butts.
> Anyway, let me know your preferences, and if there is anyone out there who
> can and would like to teach a class in light fighting, myself and several
> others in my shire are interested... Yes, yes... I'm going to try my hand
> light fighting, so those folks that know me (Aaron and Britta especially)
> can stop laughing.
> Does anyone have a good source for the foils and masks? I'm really in the
> dark here...
> In Service To The Crown,
> Logan Macleod
> KM Crossrode Keep
> "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose..."
> -Janice Joplin
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