ANST-Announce - Forecast for Crown

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at
Fri Oct 15 00:06:34 PDT 1999

On behalf of the Steward of Crown Tournament, Herrin Katerina von
Halberstadt, I post the forecast for this most chivalrous of weekends:

Friday's high in the upper 80's, winds 15-20 and gusty...low Friday
night, mid-60's.

Saturday's high will reach 80 by midday, but will fall drastically into
the 40's by late afternoon or early evening as a cold front sweeps
through... winds are predicted at 20-30, chance of rain is 20%, wind
chill factor will make it feel colder than it is, please bundle up! 

Sunday morning will be cold, with temps. expected to climb near 50,
20-30% chance of 

Always in service, 

HLy Eleanor de Broke
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