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Subject: [SCA-CHR] Society Chronicler Steps Down

As of this weekend, I am no longer the Society Chronicler.
    This position will remain open until the January Board of Directors meeting.
Until then, all correspondence and inquiries for the Society Chronicler should be
sent to the SCA, Inc. Vice-President for Communications (Ross Wilkns, AKA Rabah).
He can be reached via e-mail at vp-comm at
    Please do not tempt me to answer your questions or comment on policy by
contacting me with these. None of my answers are final after today. (Sigh)

                         In service to the Society and
             /\           the Dream which keeps us all
            |  |              up to our elbows in ink,
      /\     ||     /\
      | \___/--\___/ |          THL Heirusalem Crystoma, ODH
       \_/  \__/  \_/           Society Chronicler for one more day
        |\__/  \__/|            AKA: Sarah R. Rogers
        |/  \__/  \|            2204 N  950 E
       ./\__/  \__/\,           Lafayette, IN  47905
       | /  \__/  \ |           (765)589-3443
       \/    \/    \/           Also TAAP Central Archivist
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From: Sarah Rogers <crystoma at>
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