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I hear your call and once again will venture forth, from the mountains of Dragonspine in the Kingdom of the Outlands, to join the forces of Ghengis Cad.

Ld Bruno Bruni

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>  Greetings Good People,
> It is once again time for Gothic Wars, or G2K as I am want to call it.
>  Both sides of the conflict do call out for your help. The leaders of both
>sides, Sir Aaron McGregor and Master Cadwallader (affectionately called
>Genghis Cad)invite you to join them.
>  Are you one who tends to want to raid and plunder? Run rampant through the
>enemy. Then join Genghis Cad as he leads his horde to lay waste to the
>Western Region.
>  However if you picture yourself the hero type. The one who saves the lady
>and slays the enemy and save civilization. Then Sir Aaron would welcome your
>help to protect the West.
>  Planning on going to Three Kings? Use this as an opportunity to test and
>hone your melee tactics and skills.
>  Not the Heavy Fighting type? Not to worry. We will have Light fighting, as
>much as you can handle. We will also have Arts and Sciences, with a special
>division for those 12 and under. I was told to require documentation, but
>settled for only requesting it, my bad<G>. We also have planned an Archery
>Shoot. As I am sure that we will have some bardic too. Should be something
>for everyone, who is not a stick in the mud.
>  So come on out to the West for a labor Day weekend filled with fun,
>frolic, and fighting. You can check out the website at:
>  Until then,
>  I am and remain your humble servant,
>  Chiang
>  Western Regional Knight Marshal
>  Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)
>  "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"
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