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Mon Aug 21 06:41:53 PDT 2000

Greetings to all who attended the Bonwicke Arts and Sciences College.

There is not enough HTML in the world to express with any degree of 
clarity my appreciation for all of the work that went into making 
every part of it a success:

To all of my teachers: His Excellency Baron Vallust, my dear sweet 
friend Lord Jasper Codrington, their gracious Ladyships Adelaide and 
Augustina, our seemingly tireless marshals Lords Godfrey, Chiang and 
Toshiro, and Mistress Evelyn - yours is a spirit of teaching and 
sharing that continues the dream in our old and new players alike.

To all who helped in the kitchen: (and I know I will overlook names 
in the list, but your help was NOT overlooked under any 
circumstances) Lady Johnna, Master Rosario, Lady Revekka, M'Ladies 
Kate and Cahira - it never would have happened without your amazing 
perseverance in those near-Sahara-like conditions.

To all who brought dishes for the cooking contest and those who 
filled these dishes in so nicely around the edges:  Well, you deserve 
everyone's thanks, for without you, there would have been no feast. 
And it was so wonderful; thank you.

To everyone who worked behind the scenes keeping everything in 
seamless order: Those who worked gate, set up, tore down, offered to 
run to any store necessary, assembled prizes, gave unquestioningly of 
his or her time: Yours is usually a thankless job. Not so here. There 
are far too many to list, but I know who you all are, and if I missed 
the opportunity to thank you personally, I will catch up to you.

To everyone who attended: There would have been no event without all 
of you. And all of you are the reason I held this event. Thank you 
all for attending. I hope you came away with as many good memories as 

And to my Lord Husband Kainin: You are the glue that binds my 
fractured sanity together. I never would have made it through the 
week, much less the event if it weren't for you. I may not always 
thank you for your undying support, but I WILL always love you.

To each of you, my heartfelt gratitude. I'm going to bed now.
Lady Oriana
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