WR - Bards & Arts Thanks Yous (sorta long)

Melinda aerin at tcac.net
Tue Feb 22 19:52:48 PST 2000

Greetings unto the good people of Ansteorra.

I would like to thank all of those who attended our small (?) 
event this past weekend.  It grew quite a bit this year. Most of
all I would like to thank my teachers, without them Bards & Arts
would not be possible. Therefore thank you to the following 
people :

Baron Aethelstan
Duchess Willow                           
Honorable Ldy Joanna
Honorable Ldy Kathri                  
Honoarble Ldy Meagan
Honorable Ldy Saqra                  
Honorable Ld Francois
Honorable Ld Guillaume
Honorable Ld Olias
Ldy Aziza
Ldy Celeste
Lrd Chiang
Ldy Kyleena
Ldy Perronnelle
Ldy Raven & Faolon
Ld Tadhg
Ld Toshiro
Mistress Kalida

They all taught wonderful classes and much was learned.  
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank my Feast Steward Lady Isabeau
for a truly wonderful feast. Thanks to all the helpers during 
clean up duty, including but not limited to, HL Wilken, HL Ofelia,
L Mihaly, L Selwyn, L Tadhg, L Alasdair and many others I saw
dashing around helping, thank you!

Special thanks to HE Valust for holding a short and amusing court
for us.  The awards given were well deserved.  

I am very pleased that my first attempt at autocratting went well
but I am also wise enough to know that I could not have done it 
without all of you that were there.  I do hope that you come out
and play with us again, we may be far away, but we are alot of fun.

One last personal thank you to Ldy Kate de la Heyt for making
my lovely dresses that I wore the whole day.  

In Service to the Love of the Dream,
Lady Aerin of Adlersruhe
Event Steward for Bards & Arts IV

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