WR - Fighters of the West!

Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Wed Feb 23 22:13:06 PST 2000

  Greetings to the Fighters of the Western Region!
 As some of you may have heard, Her Excellency Eleanor, will be portraying
Queen Elisabeth, in May at the Conquest of the New World, in Brad Leah.
  She has asked me to recruit and lead her army. She has asked that I ask
you, the Fighters of the Western Region, to accompany us. I now ask that you
join us.
  Several of you have already agreed and I thank you for it. I ask you to
join me in chasing out the French and Spanish interlopers and free the New
World from the shackles. There is much glory and fame to be wrested from
this venture. A whole new world waiting to be taken. Show the World what
fighters the Western Region possess. Stand with me and take them on!! And
together we shall reap the treasures of this New World.

  Captain to Queen Elisabeth's Army in the New World

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