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If yer gonna do it "Drachenwald" style, you need to ensure that everyone is as
snotty as they can be to everyone else.

Still remembering my "Drachenwald excursion"...

Charlie Cain wrote:

> Hi folks!
> I got this off the Drakenwald list and thought it was a wonderful idea
> for a It'sToDarnHotToFight event. Anybody want to run with it?
> Die kleine Meer Seeschlacht
> August 4-6th
> Schwarz-Loch
> Greetings Unto All,
> We would like to Invite all to attend “ Die kleine Meer Seeschlacht “
> ( The Little Sea Naval Battle ). Our honorable Adversaries,
> Vielburgen, will be assisting us in this event since
> they have been using our Little Sea ( The Lake )and it’s water way (
> the Creek ), with out paying Port Fees. As such we MUST have a war to
> determine if they must pay for the year or not. This
> will be a FIRST EVER Naval Battle where there is NO AGE Limit and NO
> ARMOUR Required.
> So, Leave that Hot old Armour and Heavy Weapons at Home. Sheath your
> Swishy Pokies and Hang up Your Vestments.
> Make a Nice COOL Greek Type Attire, ( Some thing which can be worn
> over a Swimming Suit and bring 25 to 50 Water Balloons. That’s Right
> Preferably Small Round ones and Long ones ). With perhaps a
> Hankerchief or square of material which can be transformed into a
> sling.
> The Location will be the same as June Faire ( No Street Address
> Directions to Follow Below ). There will be no Feast, but Grills will
> be available for your use or you can bring your own grill, No Open
> Fires Are Allowed Unless the Boy Scouts Complete the fire pit by then.
> This will be a Live Battle Ship Game followed by a Land War (Water
> Balloon Fight ), which all Can Participate in ( No Matter Age ). All
> will be conducted on dry land so those with fears of Deep Water, have
> no Fears  8>)
> Bring Something warm to wear in the evening after the Battles and Sun
> Block or Sun Screen for those with sensitivities to the sun for the
> day. This is the first weekend in August, so it should
> be VERY warm and Sunny.
> SITE FEES are as Follows :
> Ages 0-6  “ 25 Balloons “
> Ages 7-12 “ Half Adult Price Plus 25 Balloons “
> Ages 13 and up “ $5.00 per individual Plus 25 Balloons “
> You May Bring More Balloons If you wish ( and this is advised
> or we may not have enough )"
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