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Thanks to all who came to enjoy Octavian.  I suppose we should have changed themes and pretended we were in a middle eastern desert instead of an ampitheater in Rome.  I guess we'll deem this one the Dust Bowl Tourney!  We obviously did not appease the wind god sufficiently, but we had a great time anyway.
Congratulations to all of our new defenders and a big thank you to our past ones (you represented us very well and your service is greatly appreciated).
We would like to thank Their Stellar Majesties for gracing the Western Region at our first Baronial Defender.  Your presence enriched our game and our event.
We would also like to apologize to you for the boorish behavior of a few of our Western Regional populace during your Court.  Chivalry and Honor is expressed best by actions, and the deeds of these few were neither.  Remember, No one is required to be at Court and it's no place for a loud party.  Again, thank you, Your Majesties.
We would like to thank the event steward, Lord Jasper Codrington, and his co-steward, Lord Kainin and Lady Oriana.  You all did a magnificent job and we could not have asked for more.  
Baroness Eleanor, HL Niccola: You always take such good care of us and help us stay organized.
We would like to thank all those that served as Marshals and Waterbearers, with an extra BIG thank you to Lord Gerald for being the field herald of the day and also for being so entertaining.  A thank you also goes to Ghianina and Katarinna for being such wonderful list mistresses.  It's not an easy job to keep all that straight.
A really big thanks goes out to the Shire of Crossroads Keep, and Master Rosario, Mistress Ulrica, and their crew (you know who you are and so do we) for feeding us so well and always having such a great revel afterwards.
A special thanks goes out to all of the youth who gave us such great demonstrations in youth rapier and youth chivalric.  You all have made history in the Western Region as well as being a gateway to the future of our illustrious Kingdom.  Remember this day.  
We apologize to anyone who served that we may have missed.  If there is anyone who deserves special recognition that we did not mention, please let us know.
Again, thanks to each and every individual who came to Octavian.  We hope that it was as special to you as it was to us.

In Service to Christ and Crown,
Vallust et Ascelyn de Bonwicke
Baron et Baroness 

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