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Tue May 2 06:21:02 PDT 2000

Words from the Doge 
    (via his Secretary)

At the Assembly of the Contrades on April 28-30 held on the property of 
Machac near Stargate, an appropriate administrator of the heirless land was 
    (Even though there was quite a debate about whether that baby was the 
The Doge thanks all the competing contrade, each of which was outstanding in 
its way.  

Many great and glorious deeds were done during the day, 
    (not always by the ones you would expect it of. . .)
some of which came to the attention of the Doge's staff and were rewarded by 
tokens from him. 
    (It was really hard to find out everything he needed to know, while 
keeping him from finding out that -- never mind.)

The Doge hopes that many firesides are enlivened by tales of this day, that 
the honor and respect they earned are given to all who participated, and that 
he hears the tales that have not yet been told to him.
    (Yes! Yes! ... Well, let's be careful which tales we tell *him*.)

The Contrade of Raven's Thunder will hold the lands formerly held by Lord 
Machac.  In addition, to augment their already impressive display, they 
received the furnishings of a pavilion -- a table, 3 carved benches, tasseled 
floor pillows, banners and banner poles, sconces, candles and stained glass 
lanterns, and a painted floor cloth to underlie all. 
    (Oooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhh!)

Furthermore, the Doge assures his people that there is no truth to the rumors 
that he is vulnerable to assassination.
    (So why did he use that stand-in?)
He expects to live for many years in the peace, gentility, and stability of 
the northern Italian city-states.  There should never again be need for such 
an assembly as this.
    (Yeah, right.)

Thank you for your attention.
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